Plant in Autumn, for Winter Success

While the conditions haven’t been favourable for most through summer and autumn, it is important to gain more control over your livestocks growth rates or milk production. To increase the profitability of your farms operations the solution is to winter feed.

When you need feed fast

Quick Winter Feed

We understand that when Aussie farmers need winter feed, they need it to be reliable, cost-effective, and of course: quick.

That’s why we’ve invested in undertaking research to identify the best sowing options to deliver just that.

The secret to finishing lambs

Lamb Finishing

Lambs are certainly not the easiest livestock to grow, and the feed you provide them with has a huge influence on the number of days required to transition from weaning to target market weight.

Unleash your pasture’s potential


When it comes to managing your pastures for future feed, don’t go past perennials as an option to deliver enduring and reliable results.

Our perennials have been bred and evaluated specifically for Aussie farmers like you, to help you realise the full potential of both your pasture, and operation. No matter your farming system.